Amelia Garcia, C.M.T.

Certified Massage Therapist

Amelia is a Certified Massage Therapist licensed with the State of California practicing for 10 years. She brings extensive experience from top Wellness Centers and Spas.

She is highly focused and skilled in therapeutic massage incorporating hot stones and herbal packs. Each treatment is customized for you by Amelia. Utilizing her intuitive knowledge of what your body is experiencing, she will find blockages you never knew existed.

Her skills and experience in many pain relief modalities, including cranial sacral therapy, provide relief for back and neck issues that gets to the source.

Another one of her specialities is to focus on correcting posture alignment, a casualty of computer time and our lifestyle. Enjoy better health and a straight posture. Look better, feel better.

She also is experienced in back and neck issues and many other pain relief modalities include cranial sacral therapy.