Nara Mkhitaryan

Licensed Esthetician

Nara’s European heritage and education results in an unique style of esthetics that is both effective and rejuvenating. Taking care of herself and her skin has always been a significant part of her life which resulted in her taking an additional career path in the medical esthetics industry 5 years ago.  She was drawn to Total Glow because she believes customized individualized treatments and a singular focus and dedication to clients is essential in order to provide superior results. She has an extensive background and experience in both acne and treating mature skin.

She is also a Professional Singer, stage performer and recording artist, starting at the age of 16 years old.   After winning first place in the prestigious national vocalist competition in Urmala (Latvia), she began performing concerts around the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and Middle East with some of leading Russian orchestras.  She has been in the Bay Area since 2000 and is well known in Russian and Eastern-European community for her powerful vocals and performances.

When asked “What is the most important thing in а vocal performance?” Nara replied, “The art of being a vocalist is not just about having a nice professional voice. It’s an ability to transfer an to your audience an emotional charge that will open up their hearts.”

At Total Glow Nara is able to bring her creative philosophy to skincare with her heartfelt commitment to provide the best treatments she can to our clients, so they leave not only with glowing healthy skin, but feeling relaxed and recharged.ara continues to devote part of her time to vocal performances and also to drawing and painting.