"Love of beauty is taste.  Creation of beauty is art"

- Emerson

Maureen O'Kicki

Program Director

Maureen maintains and builds community partnerships including with our  local medical, environmental and health communities to help build more resilient and thriving communities.  She also manages our in-store and private client events and product and service launches.

In addition to her years of experiences as a program director, Maureen has pursued her passion for maintaining her inner tranquility through meditative practices and having a strong connection to nature. She volunteers her time to serve the most vulnerable members of our community.

Maureen is available to help you with all private events, which we can host at our beautiful offices, business or private home. Please contact her at admin@totalglow.com and she will help you design the perfect fun, pampering wellness event. She is also available to help with any questions about our various programs.

Private Events

Our serene and elegant space at Total Glow is available for private events such as  fundraisers, celebrations, corporate and charity events.  It is the perfect way to socialize and relax while connecting with friends, family or business associates.

Whether you are a small group and want to enjoy full services or a larger group for a fun “cocktail” sampling of our menu items, we will create a space for a day of memorable indulgence and connection. Our Team is here to take care of your needs so you can unplug and let us do everything for you.

Our large conference room with the latest technology and large screen can be used for presentations or for other customized fun additions.  You can add sound meditation, yoga, makeup applications such as fresh face or smoky eyes, hair updos or blow drys to your menu- we are here to work with you.

Please contact our Program Director, Maureen O’Kick for more information. Pricing is based on a personalized program.

Food and beverage catering for in-spa events available. We have working relationships with several caterers and neighborhood restaurants for food and beverage to assist with your special event. We are also happy to make arrangements with any of your favorites sources.  
For events at your own venue, we offer our short “cocktail” service sampler menu and our massages are either chair or floating massages.