Not Tested on Animals
“We have never tested and will never test on animals,” Says Dr. Des Fernandes, founder of  Environ.  “Since 2004, the European Union has been phasing out animal testing- first the testing of finished products, then the marketing of products and ingredients that were tested on animals and, since March 2013, all animal testing on both products and ingredients has been banned in the EU.  The ingredients we use are listed with Cosmetics Europe- The personal Care Association and cannot be tested on animals”

Our Products

We are the exclusive authorized local distributor for globally acclaimed Environ Professional Skin Care products from South Africa and INIKA Organic Cosmetics products from Australia, the #1 international certified organic make-up brand.
Both products lines are trusted worldwide and are the best healthy choices we've found.

We care about the products we use and offer you.
Our criteria is that they are safe, cruelty-free, non-toxic cosmetics and skin care products.  They must also do what they promise to do.
We can say with all certainty that the products we use and offer you are the most scientifically researched and tested cosmetic and skin care products available today that are in harmony with our standards and principles.  We do all the research and personal trials of all products on ourselves for at least 12 weeks before we consider offering them to you.

Beauty With Compassion