Our Method

We combine modern clinical practices and ancient eastern traditions to provide you with personalized programs designed to integrate beauty, health and overall well-being.  We use all of our unique and extensive range of resources to evaluate your needs and help guide you to select a treatment or program that will benefit you the most. We believe in the quote, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." 

To accomplish this, your experience begins with a short complimentary Ayurvedic assessment of your skin and a clinical skin analysis.  Applying Ayurvedic principles with the benefit of the latest clinical advances help us create the best choices for your treatments and skin care. This goes beyond your facial treatment as your skin health is influenced by your constitution or Dosha. 

For whole body wellness, an expanded assessment is done to determine your optimal whole body therapy.  We create custom formulations of our handcrafted herbal oil blends for all your treatments as well as a recommended Wellness Program for you.  Our programs can be any combination of our customized face and body treatments including detoxification and cleansing, Energy Healing Therapy and meditative practices, nutritional guidelines for your specific constitution to specific changes in your daily routine and  suggestions for the best form of exercise to support you.

In our chaotic lifestyle, we forget our body is a whole and interconnected system affecting and influencing every aspect, not just the compromised skin on our face or the tired muscles in our shoulders.  We are here to help you recapture a vibrant Total Glow that radiates and emanates vitality, renewed energy and inherent beauty by combining the best of the Eastern and Western practices.

Green is Good

Total Glow is proud to be a member of the Green Spa Network and NAEFSS (National Association of Eco-Friendly Spas and Salons), which promote the personal well-being, economic stability and the health of our planet. We use low VOC paints, cork flooring in our treatment rooms, ecofriendly linens, filtered water, never bottled and sustainable resources.  We serve organic teas made with our filtered alkaline water and whole plant drinks from local organic produce. Treatment rooms have air purifiers and negative ion generators for your comfort. We have a recyling and compost program.  We only use disposable items where necessary for your safety and health.

Beauty with Compassion

While providing state of the art treatments and services,  we are committed to being good stewards of the earth and all its inhabitants.  In addition to our green spa certification, all of our products have been tested using the best protocols which does not include animal testing.  We are equally passionate about the well-being, success and value of each and every Team member and provide an environment that is happy, healthy and inspired.