Tina Shaw

Licensed Esthetician

Tina is a Licensed Esthetician and an accomplished fitness instructor at Bar Method.  She’s taught Bar Method for over 14 years and makes physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle a priority in her life.  Over the last decade, this approach to health evolved to include overall wellness and skin care after becoming a client of Terrie’s in order to reverse the extensive photo damage she had from her sun loving days.

Seeing her skin rejuvenated and the pigmentation resolved motivated Tina to pursue her licensing in skincare after which she was trained and mentored by Terrie for several years.   She finds her dual career paths in esthetics and fitness balancing and a natural fit.  She made the decision to be part of the integrated revolution at Total Glow because it was in alignment with these values and priorities. .

Tina enjoys an active lifestyle as well as family time cooking healthy meals for her two daughters when they are home and her husband.  She is an avid history buff and finds the history channel an ideal way to spend her downtime. Sophie, her glamorous Ragdoll cat keeps everyone in line, including their cockapoo puppy, Winnie the Pooh.